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Steph Auston (Sept 18)
Women's Compression Merino 200 leggings

On a recent week long trip to tasmania camping and running these were an excellent source Of warmth comfort and recovery!
I found at the end of a full day or running and packing up, travelling then reassembling the camper I couldn’t wait to slip into these each evening once all the jobs were done and the fire was going. I could sleep comfortably in them- I didn’t get too hot and they are so comfortable unlike the usual Lycra like material associated with compression gear.
My legs and myself felt so good each morning...combination of fresh air and the right gear!! Also as someone who suffers terribly from the cold i could confidently say I am not afraid of camping or running in the cold and that I have Wilderness Wear the stress of suffering for days outside in the cold is gone! Maybe Everest next?

Emanuel Robins (Aug 2018)

Hi Jon. The Xfit eXtreme's are very comfortable socks. I didn’t notice I had them on. They provided great compression. Wore them for short run and then during the day I didn’t feel any soreness after the run. I have been sceptical of compression clothing in the past. Wilderness Wear has made a great sock with even better materials within the sock. As someone who has a sports science degree I can highly recommend these socks.

Regards Emanuel


Dean McHardie (Aug 2018) - UTA 2018 50km finsisher

'I absolutely love the WW Xfit Xtreme compression socks having used them during my long training runs. They are comfortable and feel like they aren’t even there. I love wearing them and will definitely be wearing them in my next ultra marathon.'

Tom Purvis (Aug 2018)

Hi Jon,

I am a total Wilderness Wear sock convert. Wore my new 10K's to gym this morning (I'm a 15 year Icebreaker wearer) and was super impressed with the comfort and support. Great item.

 Kind Regards,

 Tom Purvis

Angi Kim (June 2018)

‘Loving the feel and colour (Fusion Merlot) Zip Neck LS top.’

I wore it on a multi pitch climb this weekend over the top of the MerinoFusion light short sleeve tee (pink) and with the compression leggings which was a great combination. The fit is great - not too loose or tight. I also wore to work with a pair of jeans and got a few compliments on the colour :)

Leanne Aust (May 2018)

At the time that I bought the eXtreme socks I also bought a pair of cheaper socks (wigwam) and found these to be of a very loose knit which made for an uncomfortable walking experience. 

Simon Bischoff (June 2018)

I was actually really surprised with the shirt straight out of the packaging. It had a lovely feel and I really liked the natural colour. 

Shareen Underwood (May 2018)

Hi Jon,

I’m so pleased I found your page on Insta & it feels great having some completely Australian owned and made items. The delivery couldn’t have come at a better time either with the cold arriving and me needing to buy new socks.

Krispin (June 2016)

Hello Jon,

I am a trail runner from Brisbane. A few weeks ago you sent me a Wilderness Wear MerinoFusion Light shirt for me to try. Having had a few runs in it now, I am really pleased with it - it’s an awesome fabric! It’s warm and doesn’t get saturated, and very comfortable and soft on the skin. Definitely better than a pure Merino thermal. So many thanks for the shirt, I hope to get many more great runs out of it.

Cheers, Krispin.


Neil Matthews  (July 2018) 

Hi Jon. 
Its been awhile in replying to you but I wanted to knock over 200km to assess properly. I’ve had a persistent blister on the outside of my toe that has always required taping on my long run but not with the WW socks I have found these to be great while offering some cushioning as well. So out with the old USA made socks and in with these locally made running socks. 
Thanks WW keep up the great work. 

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