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Arther Wojcicki  - 'I wore your WW socks for the entire time and by the way, they did not stink...'

Nathan Anderson (Nov 2016) - 'I have been purchasing your brand of wool socks for over ten years and absolutely love them...'


Markus Rothmund (Nov 2016) - 'Yesterday evening/night I did a hiking “full moon” tour wearing the Overland Hiker socks. They are really fantastic and have a great, soft comfort...'

Dianne Tiffin (Dec 2016) - 'Fantastic! My order arrived today and only 24 hours and a surprise pair of socks. Many thanks. Regards and Happy Christmas.'

John Frostell (Dec 2016) - 'Prompted by the accidental omission of my usual 170 Merino base-layer crew neck top, I ran with a Compression Merino 200 as my next-to-skin layer instead. This turned out a great way to go – quick to warm, ready to disburse moisture and giving a contained feeling against the body...'

Corinne Van Burgel  (Jan 2017) - 'I just wanted to share my joy over this Christmas period...'


Mitch H ( Feb 2017) - 'Amazing customer service, received the shirts and an extra present of socks this morning and they fit perfectly...'

Evan Padmore (April 2017) - 'Your service is brilliant and I will make a note to provide some feedback on the hybrid garment...'

Dirk Wheaton - "I think that this is as close to nature as a sock can get."

Roger Ellul (May 2017) - 'I went past Bogong today and nothing compare to yours...'


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