Waterproof, breathable and evaporative membrane

Chameleon® & Chameleon Plus® are very functional fabrics with long-lasting water-repellent technology (DWR). Their high parameters are guaranteed and meet the highest demands even for very difficult outdoor activities and extreme conditions. 

The base is a non-porous, hydrophilic, polyurethane membrane making the fabrics both very waterproof and breathable. Chameleon® and Chameleon Plus® are also totally wind and abrasion resistant and do not lose their qualities after being used and washed many times nor when being used in very low temperatures.

Characteristics of Chameleon® and Chameleon Plus®

  • High water-resistance of 10,000mm water column – perfect fabric for bad weather including rain.
  • High breathability of min. 15,000g/m2/24h – transports moisture to outside and keeps the inner wear dry.
  • Perfect wind-resistance – prevents losing warmth by air flow.
  • Low weight and volume – even with high parameters they are light and space-saving. (The Chameleon Plus® fabric is slightly heavier and more abrasion resistant than the Chameleon® fabric.)
  • Strength and resistance – meets demands of outdoor activities.
  • Easy maintenance – washable in the washing machine.