The benefits of self-manufacture are significant. At any time on any day we know exactly the status of each and every part of the numerous processes that bring Wilderness Wear products to our customers. In fact, the entire operation is housed in a single building in Preston (over-looking Darebin Creek) just a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. Management, manufacture, warehousing and distribution all takes place under the one roof. You’ll never hear us say. ‘Sorry, it’ll be a few more weeks. We’re just waiting for a container to unload at the docks.’ And think of the carbon miles that are saved.

It is also nice to have a sense of closeness around what we do: The MD (and his wife), manufacturing technicians, designers, the IT guys, marketers, machinists and the management team – all around the same table at lunch. The connections are better for the business and better for the product. And when there’s a pallet of new materials to unload, and there’s a shortage of hands on the floor, the MD can be counted on to help out.