Evolve at typo station

Evolve at Typo Station was founded in 1993 by Matt Pfahlert under the name of Youth Opportunity Program. Whilst working in a youth program in Queensland in 1991 Matt became aware of the Typo Station property in north east Victoria. Typo Station is the original name of the former grazing station, and was named after nearby Mt Typo.

Assisted by the Rotary Club of Appin Park in Wangaratta and a large group of ardent volunteers, Matt lived in a hut on the Typo Station property for two years, working without pay, restoring the 100 year old homestead, that had been badly vandalised, back to its original glory.

The first group of staff and young men in the initial programs also helped in the project. The organisation has since purchased the property and firmly established itself as an integral part of the King Valley community.

Over Evolve at Typo Station’s history we have run 37 programs and worked with over 370 ‘at risk’ young men. In the early years of the Station the intake sizes of each group were much smaller and the programs were six months in duration. In 2008 and beyond we will work with up to 300 young people through four five-week residential experiences, two-year follow-up support, and partnered programs with schools and agencies.

Wilderness Wear Australia donates socks and thermals on an annual basis to Evolve at Typo Station and also assists in supplying staff uniforms.