The Lighthouse Keepers

Hannah and Grant, current lighthouse keepers of Maatsyuker Island, Tasmania, started in March 2019. Hannah is a keen sailor having clocked up over 16,000 nautical miles at sea, just finishing the Tasman Sea crossing last week. When she is not sailing or dreaming of sailing she is preparing for her phD in Sustainable Development looking at the reduction of plastics and the potential for reuse. Grant is a keen surfer, having surfed a multitude of places ranging from the Arctic to the Mentawais. When he is not on the board he is tending to his garden or running his business.

In a world where Lighthouses are automated, having the opportunity to experience life in seclusion and isolation walking in the footsteps of previous lighthouse keepers is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The volunteer position is for 6 months and as lighthouse keepers and island caretakers our work requires long days outside in extremely windy, wet and cold environments. A typical day will be spent taking two weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology a day, observing and documenting the local wildlife, mowing the lawn (it takes three days to complete!), and assisting with the general upkeep of the cottage to ensure the heritage of the island is maintained. We are on the island for 6 months and are helicoptered in and out between March to September next year.

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