Do you go hang off something? Or just hang out? 

The new light weight version of Wilderness Wear's super functional and slick looking MerinoFusion is here.

"Love the earthy colour, it's fantastic!   Wore this all through winter climbing in Sydney and the Blue Mountains and it was a great layer that kept me warm and dry, without restricting movement." - Angi Kim.

Climber and official Wilderness Wear ‘Brand Ambassador’ Angi Kim is a recent convert to MerinoFusion (#MeFu).

Here’s why:
The material is a new woven 50/50 hybrid of Tasmanian Merino wool and world-renowned Schoeller polypropylene – combining to create the best of both worlds, natural and man-made fibers together: Think warmth, softness, odour control, (sensational) moisture wicking, fit and ventilation.

So, when climbing a sweet sandstone line at the Arapiles, or messing about town in search of anything that does not look like work, these garments are a great piece of action kit and casual wardrobe combined. And yes, they can go as baselayer or outer … whatever the moment dictates.

The MerinoFusion story started for Wilderness Wear with the in-house R&D and knitting of the 190gsm weight of this material, put initially to long sleeve designs for both men and women in a range of colours – with the mix of yarns giving the distinctive pattern. (Admittedly, that was mostly luck, but you take what you can get in this world, right?) The use for this was definitely cool climate, given its ‘powerful’ thermal qualities. But the new lighter version at 160gsm is definitely multi-season and is available also in short sleeve versions.

Close Up of Fabric

For more details on MerinoFusion click here to head to the TecSpec page and read the very first product presser.

Or head straight to the shop get yourself sorted.

And remember … Wilderness Wear is 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian made – we reckon that’s 200% Australian!