It begins and ends with base layers

Wilderness Wear has been running a line of classic men’s and women’s technical base layers for 20+ years – all with the same (amazing!) hyper-premium wool.

Every day we step out there, base layers are the first pieces of clothing to go on, and they are the last to come off when the action is done. In this way, they are a kind of endurance product.

People experience the feel of all their clothing through base layers, because it serves as the connection to skin and body – providing necessary insulation, moisture control and textural comfort. And when considering the principles of layering, it makes sense that the right choices in base layers have a follow-on effect to the garments that are placed over them – it is a connected system of clothing. So hitting the right brand and model of base layer is really important.

100% Pure Australian Merino wool – the Tasmanian connection

Wool is good. Merino wool is better. Tasmanian Merino wool is best. And Wilderness Wear sources its wool from a select number of farm gates in Tasmania’s north via partnership with buyer and processer Schoeller Textiles, the main player in this space worldwide. The resulting product gives a simply glorious material, with finer fibers and longer staple lengths leading to ultra soft comfort and noticeable thermal advantage.

Wilderness Wear base layers are made in three weights: ‘Light 170gsm’ 17.5 micron; ‘Mid 195gsm’ 18.5 micron; and ‘Max 260gsm’ 19 micron. This covers outdoor activities in climates and conditions from mild through to extreme cold (tested skiing in -15˚C plus wind chill in Japan).

The range includes design options in long sleeves and short; crew necks and zip; men’s and women’s cuts; plain and print patterned; and with legging options to match.

Our base layers are all fitted style, so relatively snug. On the shoulders, raglan sleeve design keeps a smooth and athletic feel in play, as do the gusseted side panels (which keep seams away from abrasion areas between arms and sides). And the seams are double sewn flat, for a correct flush finish all around.

So, with the winter weather now upon us (for southern hemisphere punters), now is the time to get Wilderness Wear base layers into your kit bag. If you are a first time customer, we suggest you look at the Merino Mid 195 weight – perfect for the snow, whether it’s resort, backcountry or cross … as well as any alpine walking, camping, fishing or whatever your outdoor wont might be.

And here’s a tip: When you get a Wilderness Wear base layer on and you think it is soft (because they are), then wait until they have been washed a few times – they become even softer and smoother … almost with a silky feel to them :)

And remember … Wilderness Wear is 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian made – we reckon that’s 200% Australian!