Ollie Armstrong

Ollie is a 24 year old aspiring Ultra trail Runner and endurance athlete. In the past twelve months he has competed in races ranging from local 50k’s to 5 day 250km multistage events overseas. Ollie has an inate desire to push his body and mind beyond its perceived limitations.

In October last year Ollie set two Australian M25 Ultra running records for 100 miles (19hrs) and 24HRS (192km). Last April he entered his first international race, placing 6th at Ultra X Sri Lanka as well as 1st for under 25 year olds. This age group placing has qualified him for the Ultra X World Championships in 2021.

Ollis is currently training for The Clint Eastwood Ultra (in Brisbane). Competitors in this race will be required to complete a 6.705km trail loop each hour or face disqualification. The race will not end until only one person is left standing; no matter how long this may take. This race attracts some of the countries best Ultra Runners and Ollie hopes to be able to learn from them and also push for the win and a golden ticket to the USA.

Follow Ollie on Instagram @olliearmstrong__