Q3 Lab

The quality story Wilderness Wear does nothing by halves. In fact, they take it to the power of three. The production of a technical clothing item that can truly be described as being of ‘quality’ is only possible through excellence in three distinct aspects of is creation: materials, design and technology. It’s an equation of sorts, empowering all products.

The starting point of any garment development is assessment of the right material for purpose, and the best material of its type. Whether it be fabric for a jacket, yarn for socks, fibre for thermal sets, fleece for midlayers or membrane for rainwear, Wilderness Wear ensures the best of the best, both for ready-made or machining in-house. The same applies to detailed items such as weather-proof zippers and seaming threads. Design philosphy has been a critical product outlook for the company since year one. Drivers of its design thinking and process are: function, fashion, refinement and innovation. Function and fashion together inform the matched purpose of an item, while refinement and innovation ensure that classic product lines maintain their heritage as they are improved, and new products capture innovation in a quest to lead the field.

Wilderness Wear’s complete and in-house manufacturing capability ensures the capture and control of a garment’s production from start to finish. To this end, it ensures the leading edge of technology can be applied to each and every facet of manufacture process. ‘Quality’ is easy enough to say, but difficult to do. In this regard, Wilderness Wear makes a point of doing as it says.