Teresa Diehl

Teresa Diehl is an educator and world adventurer. She is currently completing a solo Circumnavigation of Australia in a specially designed Sea Kayak over a period of three years.

She says of the journey "I don’t want to kayak around Australia to kayak around Australia. I want to make a difference and pair my passion for the country, wildlife, and sea with my passion for education. I want every young person that I meet to be inspired to complete Year 12 and have the opportunity to go on to further education or the university of their choice".

" I am pushing my comfort zone on every level. I am overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to make this trip a reality. When people are negative, I respect their feelings and find others who are supportive. The biggest difficulties I face are managing issues that are out of my control and communicating with those that are affected by the impact of those issues. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Okay, maybe not. If it were easy, I wouldn’t be doing it. I find the most rewarding endeavors take the most effort and stretch me as a person".

You can click here to follow Teresa's Journey and communicate with her via her website.