We like to know what is behind an item – right down to the last thread. The supply chain through manufacturing can become complicated, especially with the increase in sub-contracting which abounds in the industry. The media reports disappointing accounts of factories sub-contracting orders, only for their clients to realise too late that inferior materials or processes have been put in place to make up for additional margins. Fortunately, Wilderness Wear, being a self-manufacturer, does not face this particular problem but remains extremely mindful of the issue of traceability throughout its materials supply chain: How ‘clean’ is the factory process that produces synthetic fibre? What wool dyeing techniques are adopted? Is fair employment practiced by foreign suppliers? All of the company’s partners have been on board long-term and are like-minded. We know them, their beliefs and their ethics.

It’s somewhat similar to taking billy water from a creek when out camping. We all like to know what’s been happening upstream.