Mid Weight Baselayers (170 – 200gsm) are where 90% of the thermal product demand is, therefore it is important to have an understanding of yarn prices, given that on average, thermal manufacturers make about 5 garments to the kilogram.

Heavy Weight Baselayers - (210 - 300gsm) make up the remaining 10% of product demand.  These merino yarns are used for extreme temperature baselayer production.

Worsted Spun is at the premium end of the scale and the 70/1 Nm is considered a superfine yarn. A mid-range worsted spun yarn is 50/1 Nm (less fine) and costs around 25% less per kg than the premium yarn.

The difference in performance of each variety (worsted spun compared to woollen spun) is considerable and, as a rule of thumb, garments made from woollen spun yarn will not last, wear or perform as well as garments made from worsted spun yarn.

The same principles of Worsted Spun and Woollen Spun yarn (see above) also apply to Merino yarn.