Angi Kim

Angi Kim is a commercial photographer with a love of adventure and is happiest outdoors. She worked and traveled as a digital nomad before returning to home town Sydney and discovering rock climbing — and has since made it a mission to climb all around the world, with recent trips to Tasmania and Spain on top of regular climbing in and around NSW and Victoria.

During her travels Angi has rafted the Grand Canyon, walked the Camino de Santiago, ridden motorbikes through the desert, and scuba dived in the South Pacific. Exploring the natural beauty of Australia she has hiked the Larapinta Trail, kayaked around islands on the Queensland coast and also spent a month four-wheel-driving with her aunty through the outback.

Angi is passionate about the benefits of the great outdoors for fitness and mental health and is actively involved with local organisations to encourage others to experience nature, unplug from technology and try something new.

Since 2017 Angi has been a dedicated tester and reporter of Wilderness Wear product, especially new product in development. (If you have reckoned that a new piece of WW kit is great, you can be sure that Angi has already put it through its paces!)

She shares her adventures (and positive raps about Wilderness Wear) regularly on Instagram.

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