Cool Merino 155

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Mens Cool Merino 155 Active Wear

Natural & Sustainable Garments. Designed & Made in Australia

Explore the exceptional quality of our signature Cool Merino 155, expertly crafted from the finest merino wool and Tencel® fibers. Tencel® is derived from eucalyptus wood and is renowned for its exceptional moisture absorption, superior evaporative cooling, and flat fibre surface, ensuring natural cooling without the need for additional chemicals. Plus, Tencel® products are known for their exceptional durability, making them a lasting investment. Combined with the luxurious softness of fine merino wool, our Cool Merino 155 garments offer effortless care, skin-friendly comfort, and advanced odor-neutralizing, temperature, and moisture regulation. Embrace the natural elements as you embark on your outdoor adventures, fully equipped with 100% natural essentials designed to elevate your experience.