Women's Active Tops

Womens Active Wear Tops

Discover the perfect blend of performance and comfort with our women’s active wear collection, featuring Cool Merino 155 tops and MerinoFusion 160 tops.  Learn more about our technical active wear range below.

Cool Merino 155
Designed for year-round training, Cool Merino 155 tops offer exceptional performance. Crafted with a unique blend of merino wool and Tencel®, this technical top provides the ideal combination of natural fibers. Tencel®, derived from eucalyptus wood, boasts impressive cooling properties and durability, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting wear. The fine merino wool used in Cool Merino 155 garments not only makes them soft and easy to care for but also aids in odor control and temperature and moisture regulation. Gear up with Cool Merino 155 for your outdoor adventures and experience 100% nature at its best.

MerinoFusion 160
Experience the ultimate in comfort and durability with MerinoFusion 160 tops. Combining nature-made merino wool with man-made materials, Merino Fusion 160 offers the best of both worlds. This hybrid weave creates a luxurious next-to-skin feeling material, perfect for base-layer thermals. Whether you’re running, participating in adventure racing, climbing, cycling, hiking, skiing, or sailing, MerinoFusion 160 tops provide unparalleled performance. With exemplary thermal properties, high moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant qualities, MerinoFusion 160 tops are designed to keep you comfortable in any conditions.

Explore our women’s active wear range today and elevate your outdoor experience with gear that’s designed to perform.