Women's MerinoFusion Light 160

Womens Merino Fusion Light 160 Active Wear 

Best of both worlds- “nature-made plus man-made”

Introducing our Women’s MerinoFusion Light 160, a revolutionary hybrid weave that combines durability with luxurious softness for an unparalleled base-layer thermal experience. Whether you’re running, participating in multi-discipline adventure racing, climbing, cycling, hiking, skiing, or sailing, this fabric offers the ideal blend of nature-made and man-made materials.

With exemplary thermal properties, high moisture-wicking capabilities, hyper-quick drying, and rapid climate adjustment, our MerinoFusion Light 160 ensures optimal comfort in various outdoor conditions. Its silk-like feel against the skin, low odor retention, and ultra durability further enhance the wearer’s experience.

At Wilderness Wear, we have a rich history of crafting premium technical clothing using top-quality yarns. Superfine Merino and Schoeller® polypropylene have been at the forefront of our offerings since day one. Now, we’re proud to introduce MerinoFusion 160, an integrated blend of these fibers, carefully crafted to provide unmatched performance and comfort. Blended 50/50 on the knitting machine, this fabric is resistant to moisture, odor, and wear, making it the perfect choice for the next generation of base-layer thermals.