Mens Merino Wool Thermals, Activewear & Socks Range

Natural & Sustainable Garments. Designed & Made in Australia

Wilderness Wear stands as a prominent Australian outdoor apparel brand, renowned for its commitment to crafting high-quality gear tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. Since its inception in Melbourne in 1989, Wilderness Wear has amassed over three decades of expertise in creating premium outdoor clothing and accessories that excel in performance and durability.

Specializing in merino wool products, including Mens socks, base layers, thermals, and activewear, Wilderness Wear prides itself on using only the finest Australian merino wool, carefully sourced from dedicated growers in Tasmania. By integrating innovative materials like Climayarn® and Profilen®, the brand ensures its products deliver optimal performance and resilience in various outdoor activities

Mens Sock Range Features

When compared to other brands, our socks stand out with their higher percentage of merino wool. Our merino is sourced entirely from Australia and blended with nylon and lycra for enhanced durability. For men prone to blisters during hiking or trail running, we’ve developed a specialised blister-free range featuring Profilen® technology.

WildernessWool™: Our merino wool is sourced from the highest grade wool from specific growers in Tasmania, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity.

Profilen®: Engineered to reduce friction and prevent blisters, Profilen® yarns are integrated into our Merino wool eXtreme range, ensuring blister-free adventures.

Climayarn®: Merino Fusion Climayarn® combines the advantages of natural merino wool with the performance of polypropylene, offering rapid moisture-wicking and heat regulation.

Coolmax®: Engineered to keep you cool and dry during intense activities, Coolmax® fibers transport moisture away from the foot for optimal comfort.

Wilderness Wear 100% Merino Wool Thermals

Since 1989, our base layer tops and leggings feature pure Australian merino wool, celebrated for its exceptional insulation and moisture-wicking properties. With four different weights available, our thermals cater to a wide range of temperature conditions, ensuring comfort and performance in any setting.

Cumulo Merino Ultralight: Crafted from “Superfine” merino wool, Cumulo Merino 150 base layers offer insulation and mobility comfort for various outdoor activities.

Light Merino: Designed for cool to moderate weather conditions, the Merino Light Base layer thermal provides lightweight protection.

Merino Mid: Offering a broad range of protection, the Merino Base layer is ideal for challenging weather conditions.

Merino Max: Engineered for extreme cold conditions, the Merino Max Base layer thermal provides utmost protection and warmth.

Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion Thermals

Merino Fusion 190: Ideal for various outdoor pursuits, Merino Fusion 190 offers a soft and luxurious next-to-skin feel.

Merino Fusion 300: Designed for high-performance activities in colder climates, Merino Fusion 300 offers superior warmth and comfort.

PolyPro+ 190: Wilderness Wear PolyPRO+ thermals are mid-weight garments suitable for extreme temperature activities in diverse weather conditions.

Wilderness Wear Merino Activewear

Mens Cool Merino 155: Combining merino wool with Tencel® fiber, Cool Merino 155 offers exceptional moisture regulation and odor control for outdoor adventures.

Merino Fusion Light 160: Offering the best of both worlds, Merino Fusion Light 160 provides exemplary thermal properties and moisture-wicking capabilities.

Merino Fusion Ultra 100: The ultimate hybrid weave, MerinoFusion Ultra 100 offers lightweight comfort and durability for high-intensity sports.

Men’s Compression Merino Active Wear: Lightweight and robust, our compression merino 200™ garments maximise performance potential and offer protection during extreme conditions.

Wilderness Wear Beanies, Neck Warmers & Wrist Gloves

Explore our range of merino wool accessories, including skull caps, beanies, neck warmers, balaclavas, and wrist gloves, designed to keep you warm during outdoor adventures. Popular among cyclists and trail runners, our accessories provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort in cold conditions.