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Womens Neck Warmer Range

Introducing our Merino Fusion neck warmers, expertly crafted with a blend of superfine merino wool (50%) and polypropylene (50%). This innovative hybrid weave results in a durable yet luxuriously soft material that feels like a dream against your skin. Designed specifically for women, our neck warmers are the perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe.

Ideal for a variety of activities, including skiing, bushwalking, sailing, running, and cycling, our Merino Fusion neck warmers offer unparalleled warmth and comfort. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, exploring the trails, or simply enjoying a casual stroll, our neck warmers provide the perfect base layer thermal protection to keep you cozy in any weather.

Versatile enough for both travel and everyday wear, our Merino Fusion neck warmers are a must-have accessory for every outdoor enthusiast. Experience the ultimate blend of durability, softness, and luxury with Wilderness Wear’s Merino Fusion neck warmers.