Women's 100% Merino Base Layer Tops

Womens 100% Merino Tops

For over three decades, Wilderness Wear has led the way in crafting premium base layer tops and leggings from our home in Australia. Harnessing the finest 100% pure Australian merino wool, our sustainable clothing range is tailored for a diverse array of recreational activities. With four distinct weights to choose from, each optimized for specific temperature ranges, selecting the ideal layering system has never been easier. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or hitting the slopes, Wilderness Wear ensures unparalleled comfort and performance for every adventure.

Merino Ultralight 150 – Fabric Weight 150gsm
Crafted from 100% Australian “Superfine” merino wool at 17.5 microns, our Cumulo Merino 150 base layers are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional insulation, moisture-wicking capabilities, and unparalleled mobility comfort. Engineered for various activities ranging from recreational pursuits to intense sporting endeavors, these base layers offer superior performance even in single-digit degree Celsius temperatures. Experience the ultimate in comfort and functionality with Wilderness Wear’s Cumulo Merino 150 base layers.

Merino Light – Fabric Weight 160gsm
Designed to excel in cool to moderate weather conditions, the Light Merino base layer thermal from Wilderness Wear represents the lightest option among our Merino Wool active wear range. Engineered with premium materials, this technical garment offers optimal protection while ensuring unparalleled comfort and performance.

Merino Mid – Fabric Weight 220gsm
As the middleweight option in Wilderness Wear Australia’s Merino wool thermal active wear range, the Merino Mid base layer is meticulously crafted to offer versatile protection against various challenging weather conditions. Crafted from premium materials, this technical garment ensures exceptional performance and comfort in a broad range of outdoor environments.

Merino Max – Fabric Weight 300gsm
As the heavyweight contender in Wilderness Wear’s Merino Wool active wear lineup, the Merino Max base layer thermal sets the standard for premium quality and technical excellence. Meticulously engineered and expertly crafted, this garment offers unparalleled protection against a spectrum of harsh and unforgiving cold conditions, ensuring optimal performance and comfort in even the most extreme environments.