MerinoFusion Light 160

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Mens Merino Fusion Light 160 Active Wear

Best of both worlds- “nature-made plus man-made”

Experience the perfect blend of nature-made and man-made materials with our MerinoFusion 160 range. This innovative hybrid weave creates a material that is both hard-wearing and luxuriously soft, providing exceptional comfort next to the skin. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities including running, adventure racing, climbing, cycling, hiking, skiing, and sailing, MerinoFusion 160 offers exemplary thermal properties, high moisture wicking, hyper-quick drying, and rapid climate adjustment. With a silk-like feel next to the skin and low odor retention, this fabric is also ultra-durable, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of any adventure.

At Wilderness Wear, we have a long history of crafting premium technical clothing from the finest yarns. With our MerinoFusion 160, we’ve taken our expertise to the next level by combining Superfine Merino and Schoeller® polypropylene in a 50/50 blend. This integrated mix results in a material that offers unbeatable performance in various outdoor conditions, making it the perfect choice for your next base-layer thermal. Say goodbye to layering and hello to the future of outdoor apparel with MerinoFusion 160 from Wilderness Wear.