Emma Flukes

Emma Flukes describes herself as “Ordinary person, ordinary job, ordinary life.  I’m born and bred Tasmanian and I could not be more proud to call this wild little pocket of earth, home.  Marine scientist and underwater enthusiast.  I learnt to ride pushbikes late in life and fell in love with the lifestyle afforded by freedom machines.  I became enamored with piling bags on bikes and travelling across the country under my own steam (+ 10,000 Snickers bars).  I enjoy solo, unsupported, off-road, bike-pack racing in my spare time.”

Although Emma doesn’t consider herself a traditional “athlete” she has completed some amazing feats including:
• Race to the Rock 2018 (3,600km, southern Tas to Uluru)
• Great Dividing Trail 2019 (400km, Vic Dividing Range / Goldfields)
• Tassie Gift 2019 (1,800km / 37,000 vertical m around Tas)
• Victoria Divide 2020 (600km through Vic Alps)

And in the future she has hopes to take part in Silk Road Mountain Race – an unsupported bike-packing race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

“There’s something really cathartic about finding your own physical and mental limits, and tripping right on over that precipice. I’m hooked on that feeling” – Emma Flukes

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