Womens Merino Wool Thermals, Activewear & Socks Range

Natural & Sustainable Garments. Designed & Made in Australia

Wilderness Wear Socks

Discover the ultimate comfort and performance with Wilderness Wear Socks. Since 1989, we’ve crafted premium merino wool socks right here in Melbourne. Originally tailored for hiking, our collection has evolved to encompass trail running, cycling, skiing, and everyday wear. Renowned for our iconic merino fleece range, trusted by the Australian Antarctic Division, Wilderness Wear offers Australia’s warmest and most comfortable socks.

What sets us apart? Wilderness Wear socks boast a higher percentage of luxurious merino wool, sourced entirely from Australia. Blended with nylon and lycra for enhanced durability, our socks ensure lasting quality and performance. Say goodbye to blisters with our innovative blister-free range, featuring Profilen® technology—perfect for avid hikers and trail runners alike.

Experience the difference of Wilderness Wear Socks—crafted for adventure, comfort, and durability.

Sock Range Features

Our socks are crafted from the finest merino wool sourced from select growers in Tasmania, renowned for their generations of selective breeding. With clear provenance, our socks boast unparalleled quality and proudly bear the label of being truly Australian-made.

Engineered with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Profilen® yarns feature an ultra-low friction coefficient, minimizing blister formation and abrasions. Incorporated into our Merino wool eXtreme range, this technology ensures your hiking adventures remain blister-free, with 5% of this yarn expertly blended for optimum performance.

Merino Fusion Climayarn® offers a myriad of benefits, including rapid moisture elimination for swift drying, heat retention in chilly conditions, and heat prevention during warm-weather hikes. This blend seamlessly combines the natural advantages of merino wool with the durability and performance of polypropylene, enhancing your outdoor experiences.

Engineered with advanced fibers, Coolmax® technology actively transports moisture away from your feet, keeping you cool and dry during intense aerobic activities and endurance challenges. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to peak performance with Coolmax® infused socks from Wilderness Wear.

Experience the difference these innovative features make in our sock range, designed to elevate your outdoor adventures and provide unmatched comfort and performance.

Wilderness Wear 100% Merino Wool Thermals

Since 1989, Wilderness Wear has been the go-to destination for premium base layer tops and leggings, meticulously designed and crafted in Melbourne. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of 100% pure Australian merino wool, ensuring not only superior performance but also eco-friendly practices.

Our range of merino wool thermals is tailored to cater to a diverse range of recreational pursuits, providing unmatched comfort and insulation. With four different weights available, each optimized for specific temperature ratings, selecting the right layering system for your needs has never been easier.

Merino Ultralight 150 
Crafted from 100% Australian, 17.5-micron “Superfine” merino wool, the  Cumulo Merino 150 base layers  offer unparalleled insulation, moisture-wicking properties, and mobility comfort. Ideal for a variety of activities in single-digit Celsius temperatures, this premium garment ensures optimal performance in any adventure.

Merino Light
The lightest option in our range, the  Light Merino Base layer Thermals delivers premium protection in cool to moderate weather conditions. Designed with technical precision, this garment guarantees comfort and performance during your outdoor endeavors.

Merino Mid
Strike the perfect balance with the Merino Mid Base layer thermals, offering versatile protection across a wide range of challenging weather conditions. Crafted with premium materials and technical expertise, this garment provides reliable performance wherever your adventures take you.

Merino Max
When extreme cold demands maximum protection, turn to the Merino Max Base Layer Thermals. Engineered with the heaviest weight of Wilderness Wear Merino Wool, this premium garment ensures uncompromising performance in even the most hazardous & cold conditions.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort, performance, and sustainability with Wilderness Wear 100% Merino Wool Thermals. Elevate your outdoor adventures with gear designed to exceed your expectations.

Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion Thermals

MerinoFusion 190
A perfect blend of superfine merino and polypropylene, creating a material that’s both durable and luxuriously soft against the skin. Ideal for base layer thermals, this versatile fabric suits a range of activities including skiing, bushwalking, sailing, running, cycling, as well as travel and casual wear.

MerinoFusion 300
Engineered for high-performance in cold conditions, MerinoFusion 300 base layers provide exceptional warmth and comfort. Featuring 100% pure Australian merino wool next to the skin, these base layers are expertly blended with 100% super fine Schoeller polypropylene, ensuring optimal insulation with a bi-layer knit construction of 18.5 microns and 300gsm. Gear up for cold weather adventures with confidence in MerinoFusion 300.

PolyPro+ 190
Designed for a wide range of weather and climate conditions, Wilderness Wear Australia’s PolyPRO+ thermal active wear base layers offer unmatched versatility and comfort. These mid-weight garments are perfect for recreational activities, exercise, sports, and extreme temperature pursuits. Experience superior performance and adaptability with PolyPro+ 190 base layers from Wilderness Wear Australia.

Wilderness Wear Merino Activewear 

Merino Fusion Ultra 100 
The Ultimate Performance Wear for Intense Sports is our MerinoFusion Ultra 100. It offers hyper-lightweight, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant performance, perfect for high-intensity sports such as running, cycling, cross-training, and multi-disciplined pursuits. Designed with an athletic fit and weighing approximately 80gsm, this hybrid weave combines nature-made comfort with man-made durability. Experience high moisture-wicking, hyper-quick drying, rapid climate adjustment, and ultra-durability in Merino Fusion Ultra 100 garments.

Mens Cool Merino 155 
Experience the Superior Comfort and Performance of  Cool Merino 155 . Crafted from the perfect blend of merino wool and Tencel®, our signature Cool Merino 155 stands out as the ultimate fiber blend. Tencel®, derived from eucalyptus wood, offers exceptional moisture management and evaporative cooling properties, thanks to its high basic fiber humidity and flat fiber surface. This natural fiber cools on its own without the need for additional chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance. Combined with fine merino wool, Cool Merino 155 garments are not only soft on the skin and easy to care for but also boast odor-neutralizing and temperature-regulating capabilities. Prepare for your outdoor adventures with 100% natural Merino Wool gear.

Merino Fusion Light 160 
For unmatched performance for multi-discipline adventure, experience the best of both worlds with MerinoFusion Light 160. It’s a hybrid weave combining nature-made merino wool with man-made materials. This hard-wearing yet luxuriously soft fabric is perfect for base-layer thermals, ideal for running, adventure racing, climbing, cycling, hiking, skiing, and sailing. Enjoy exemplary thermal properties, high moisture-wicking capabilities, hyper-quick drying, rapid climate adjustment, and a silk-like feel against the skin. Stay fresh and comfortable during your adventures with MerinoFusion Light 160.

Men’s Compression Merino Active Wear
Elevate Your Performance Potential with our  Compression Merino 200™ active wear. It combines lightweight, robust construction with maximum performance potential. Designed to promote balanced regulation of core body temperature and provide protection and comfort during extreme competitive conditions, this compression wear ensures optimal performance when it matters most.

Wilderness Wear: Your Source for Premium Merino Wool and PolyPRO+ Accessories

Crafted right here in Melbourne, Wilderness Wear manufactures a diverse range of accessories, including merino wool, merino fusion, and PolyPRO+ products. Designed to keep you warm and comfortable during your outdoor adventures, our collection includes skull caps,  beanies, neck warmers, balaclavas, and wrist gloves.

Our skull caps are a favorite among cyclists seeking extra warmth under their helmets and trail runners in need of a lightweight layer for chilly morning runs. Made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Wilderness Wear accessories are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts across Australia and the world.

Explore our range today and elevate your outdoor experience with Wilderness Wear accessories designed for warmth, comfort, and durability.