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Womens Merino Wool Sock Range

Australian Made Hiking, Running, Cycling & Ski Socks

Welcome to Wilderness Wear, where we’ve been crafting top-quality merino wool socks in Melbourne since 1989. While we initially focused on designing hiking socks, our range has evolved over the years to include options for trail running, cycling, skiing, as well as everyday and work socks. Our merino fleece range, in particular, has earned the trust of the Australian Antarctic Division and are renowned for their unbeatable comfort and warmth.

What makes Wilderness Wear socks stand out? It’s our dedication to using the finest materials and innovative design. Our socks feature a higher percentage of merino wool sourced exclusively from Australian growers, ensuring superior insulation and durability. Blended with nylon and lycra, our socks offer added strength and resilience, making them perfect companions for your outdoor adventures.

Explore the Exceptional Features of Our Sock Range:

Our socks are crafted from premium Tasmanian merino wool, known for its exceptional softness and performance.

Engineered with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Profilen® yarns reduce friction, minimizing blisters and abrasions for a comfortable hiking experience.

Merino Fusion Climayarn® combines the benefits of merino wool with polypropylene, ensuring rapid moisture management and temperature regulation in any weather conditions.

Designed with advanced moisture-wicking fibers, Coolmax® technology keeps your feet dry and comfortable during high-intensity activities.

Discover the superior comfort, performance, and durability of Wilderness Wear socks, and elevate your outdoor experience today.