Jason Reeve

Jason Reeve in his own words “is an adventurer, an explorer, a serial mistake-maker and a determined forger of my own path”.
He loves a good challenge, whether it be obstacle course racing, survival training, thru-hikes, solo travel, or an extensive road trip across countries – He’s in!

Jason has a achieved many feats over the journey so far, including hiking:
• 255km ‘Great Australian Survivors Trek’
• 100km Oxfam Trailwalker Non-stop Hike
• 270km Great North Walk Solo Hike
• 230km Taree to Newcastle Solo Hike

“I’m no expert. I’m learning every time I step outside and I love to share that learning with anyone who has an interest in pushing themselves and seeing more of this incredible planet we call home” – Jason Reeve.

As well as being an inspiring athlete, Jason is also an impressive photographer. He captures all his adventures and puts them on his Instagram. Click here to have a look.