Polypro+ 190

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Mens Polypro+ 190 Base Layers

Wilderness Wear’s PolyPRO+ thermal active wear base layers are mid-weight garments designed for recreational, exercise, sporting & extreme activities across a wide range of weather and climate conditions.

What is Polypropylene? 

Polypropylene stands out as the lightest fibre ever created, boasting a specific weight lower than any other natural or chemical textile fibre. Its resistance to wear and tear ensures long-lasting durability, while garments retain their vibrant colors wash after wash. With rapid drying properties, Polypropylene transfers humidity to the outside without absorbing it, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of perspiration and preventing bacteria growth that leads to body odor. Plus, its water-resistant nature and easy stain removal make maintenance a breeze. Wilderness Wear PolyPRO+ garments maintain their shape, resist shrinking, and dry quickly, thanks to their hydro-repellent fibres. And best of all, Polypropylene is totally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, ensuring your comfort throughout your adventures. Experience the difference with Wilderness Wear PolyPRO+ – the ultimate in performance and comfort.