Australian Made

Every part of Wilderness Wear is Australian. (Right down to the ‘can do’ attitude that drives us each and every day.) First, all of our products are made in Australia. We see that as a significantly better prospect than outsourcing to less experienced labour forces in countries beyond our shores. Second, we support the natural produce of our glorious country because we believe it to be the best. And third, we maintain ready-to deliver stock in all our major customer markets: Australia, Japan and the US.

Australia has an impressive history of people who think smart and work hard. This is true of many facets of the country’s existence including exploration, business, technology, textiles, government, agriculture, art and creative, building, science, defence, manufacture and industry – it is something that connects all Australians into a spirit of entrepreneurship. It is otherwise known as ‘having a go’. Think: Flinders, Hills, Macarthur, ‘Weary’ Dunlop, Lexcen, Clark, Namatjira, Stanley and Boyd to mention but a few. People can tell when they are looking at something that is truly of this place: there is an understanding that identifies innovation, quality, creativity and origin of materials. It represents the spirit of the nation. Wilderness Wear is a 100% Australian owned company that designs and manufactures 100% Australian made products.

(Yes, we are proud of this brand of ours, and want everyone in the world to enjoy it too.)