Welcome to Wilderness Wear

An Australian Made & Owned Business Since 1989

Wilderness Wear is a one-of-a-kind company. We have many competitors, but nobody is quite like us. (Nothing comes close, really.)

We are the only Australian company that designs and self-manufactures premium outdoor clothing at internationally recognised standards, supporting a discerning, worldwide community dedicated to outdoor activities, pursuits and adventures.

It is a constantly developing enterprise, although one thing has never changed: The Wilderness Wear range is produced for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. So, when we are not making our products, we are out there using them. Yes, we live (and love) our work. Wilderness Wear’s history begins with socks and an old Tasmanian hosiery company purchased in 1989. Upon relocation to Melbourne, the established sock range was redefined with a new item, the now iconic ‘Kosciuszko’ hiker sock. At the same time, development of ultra-premium polypropylene thermal base layers into the range marked a significant turn. Expansion of product was under way and the company had successfully positioned itself to manage large contracts supplying military, corporate, public service and institutional customers.

In 2000 Wilderness Wear acquired the current office, factory and warehouse site, with the facility completed in 2002. All the while, new product lines were being conceived, with research and development of materials, design and technology becoming a significant part of company ethos. By this time, the properties of Superfine Merino wool were also being embraced and the Wilderness
Wear brand was established as a leader in the increasingly popular and competitive market.

The following year saw state-of-the-art upgrades for knitting technology to partner machinery for pattern making, cutting, assembly, sewing and finishing. Always the best, and keep everything close to hand.

2006 was defined by international expansion after presence at trade expos in Utah, USA. Distributors were assigned for the USA and Japan the following year and the company continued to market develop worldwide.

Today, Wilderness Wear and we who run it remain expansive, always looking for challenges and opportunities with a thirst for improving the old and defining the new.

And yes, we still make socks. Lots of them.