Women's Polypro+ 190

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Womens Polypro+ 190 Base Layers

Wilderness Wear’s PolyPRO+ thermal active wear base layers are mid-weight garments designed for recreational, exercise, sporting & extreme activities across a wide range of weather and climate conditions.

What is Polypropylene? 

Polypropylene is the lightest fibre ever created, with a specific weight (0.91) lower than any other natural or chemical textile fibre to date. It is resistant to wear and tear, and garments retain their colour well. Polypropylene dries very quickly and transfers humidity to the outside without absorbing it. The unpleasant feeling of perspiration is eliminated because the bacteria, which lead to body odour, cannot reproduce. It is water resistant and stains can be easily removed. Wilderness Wear polypropylene garments do not lose their shape, shrink or become matted; they are machine washable and dry quickly because the fibre is hydro-repellent. No ironing is required. It is a totally an-allergic, skin-friendly fibre.