Merino Base Layers

Womens 100% Merino Wool Base Layers

For over three decades, Wilderness Wear has been producing base layer tops and leggings specifically designed for women at our Melbourne headquarters. Crafted entirely from 100% pure Australian Merino wool, our sustainable clothing range is tailored to cater to a diverse array of recreational pursuits. With options available in four different weights, each tailored to accommodate varying temperature conditions, selecting the appropriate layering system is essential for ensuring comfort and performance during outdoor activities.

Cumulo Merino Ultralight  
Crafted from 100% Australian “Superfine” merino wool with a micron count of 17.5, our Cumulo Merino base layers offer exceptional insulation, moisture-wicking capabilities, and unrestricted mobility. Designed with a focus on style, fit, and comfort, these base layers provide a gentle touch on the skin, making them ideal for a range of activities including recreation, exercise, travel, sports, or work, even in temperatures as low as single digits Celsius.

Light Merino
Our Light Merino base layer thermals stand as a pinnacle of technical garment design. They are meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled protection and comfort in cool to moderate weather conditions. Engineered with precision and attention to detail, this premium material not only provides essential insulation but also ensures optimal breathability and moisture management, keeping you dry and comfortable during your outdoor pursuits. Its lightweight construction offers freedom of movement without compromising on warmth.

Merino Mid 
Crafted as the essential midpoint within the Wilderness Wear Australia Merino wool thermal active wear range, our Merino Mid base layer embodies premium quality and technical expertise. Designed with precision, this versatile garment offers a perfect balance of warmth, breathability, and durability to withstand a variety of challenging weather conditions. Engineered for optimal protection and comfort, it ensures you stay insulated and comfortable in fluctuating temperatures and outdoor environments. From brisk morning hikes to chilly evenings around the campfire, the Merino Mid base layer is your reliable companion for embracing outdoor adventures with confidence and style.

Merino Max 
As the most substantial option among Wilderness Wear’s range of Merino Wool active wear, the Merino Max base layer thermal stands as a pinnacle of premium craftsmanship and technical innovation. Carefully engineered and meticulously crafted, this garment offers unparalleled protection against a wide spectrum of cold conditions, ranging from moderate to extreme and hazardous environments. Designed to provide maximum insulation and durability, it ensures optimal warmth and comfort even in the harshest of climates. Whether you’re braving frigid temperatures on a high-altitude expedition or battling icy winds during winter sports, the Merino Max base layer is your ultimate shield against the elements, allowing you to push the boundaries of your outdoor adventures with confidence and resilience.