Womens Work Socks

Women’s Merino Work Socks

Socks designed for Tradesman, Firefighters & Cold Storage Workers


Wilderness Wear: Crafting Quality Socks Since 1989
With over three decades of experience in Melbourne, Wilderness Wear has established itself as a leader in manufacturing high-quality socks designed to endure. While we’re recognized for our hiking socks, we also produce a range of industrial-specific merino wool socks tailored for Australia’s workforce.

Merino Beast2 – Available in Hi-Viz
The Wilderness Wear women’s Beast2 socks are engineered for toughness and durability, featuring solid nylon reinforcement in the heel and toe sections. Made with eco-friendly high-grade Merino wool, these socks keep feet warm and dry even in challenging conditions. The Wilderness Wear SFS ensures a secure fit, while the firm weave from top to toe ensures comfort throughout the day. Flame and static resistance are also key features of the Beast2 socks, available in high visibility orange and yellow.

Fire Rated 800 Merino Socks – Featuring 93% Merino Wool
Our Fire Rated 800 socks are crafted using a unique three-layer construction method, setting them apart from conventional socks. Unlike traditional designs, we’ve re-engineered our knitting machines to knit treated wool on the outer section, a nylon mesh panel in the middle, and pure wool in a deep terry construction on the inner section. The 1×1 rib upper welt helps alleviate calf pressure. Ideal for fire fighting, emergency services, welding, and other high-heat environments.

Frost Free Socks – Designed for Australia’s Cold Storage Workforce
Wilderness Wear’s Frost Free socks are purpose-built for cold storage/freezer workers and ocean racing sailors, perfect for those wearing gumboot-style footwear. These socks boast exemplary thermal properties, high moisture-wicking capabilities, rapid climate adjustment, low odor retention, ultra-durability, and a soft handle.

Combining Nature-Made and Man-Made Yarns
Merino wool and Schoeller polypropylene are renowned for their superior performance and comfort. Merino wool provides insulation in the cold, remains odor-free even after extended wear, and offers a soft touch against the skin. On the other hand, Schoeller polypropylene is a highly engineered synthetic fiber that provides exceptional insulation and moisture-wicking properties. The Frost-Free socks combine these two yarns, offering the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance.