Xavier Reales

“I’ve just got back from my trip around the Larapinta. And the performance of the T-shirt Fusion 160 over the whole week hiking has been excellent. The wicking of the fabric was unbelievable and aid me during the unseasonable hot days. Also its breathability kept me cool under the sun and quite warm during the evening. I wore the T-shirt during the days and the evenings since the expected nights around 0C did not occur. Moreover, after 7 days of heavy usage the clothing barely had any smell so I can assure you that its antibacterial properties also worked well.

Again thank you! Your company has developed an incredible new fabric that sustained really tough conditions over a whole week of walking an average of 6 to 7 hours, 20 km per day, carrying 18 kg and day temperatures of 28 to 30 C”.

Shot of our Merino Fusion base layer in Rainforest Green
Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion top on the Larapinta Trail
Zoomed in close up of Merino Fusion material

Carl Cubitt

“I’m loving the MerinoFusion Light – wearing the base layers every day, not just when cycling. In fact it’s awesome! I have worn the fusion light top out sailing but as a cycling top it was amazing! I’ve ridden it a number of times. Its ability to wick perspiration is better than I have ever worn. My polyester mesh bibs straps underneath were wet from perspiration but the fusion was still dry – I was wishing the bib straps were also made from the fusion fabric”.

Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion Base Layer
Close up of Merino Fusion Base Layer fibres

Simon Bischoff

“Unfortunately I have some niggling injuries that I’m trying to sort out, so I won’t be on the rock for a little while. Although I’ll be doing some fairly specialised training over the winter months for some upcoming projects in Spring. I was actually really surprised with the shirt straight out of the packaging. It had a lovely feel and I really liked the natural colour. To be honest a lot of stuff I get sent, I would hardly think of wearing, let alone buying. The dirt bag streak runs deep in me. With this thermal though, I said to my girlfriend straight away “I’d actually buy that”, which coming from me, I thought was a pretty bloody good review. I chucked it on and it felt excellent. I really liked the fit an also the length is something that was pleasing. I like my outdoor tops to generously overlap the waistline. This is really important when carrying a pack or wearing a harness, or god forbid, both at the same time”.

Merino Fusion Light Top in Fusion Rainforest colour
Front on image of our Merino Fusion Light Top in Fusion Rainforest colour

Angi Kim

“One of my favourites. Great green colour with cool texture. Nice fit that is very flattering. I have gotten so many compliments for this top, it looks very outdoorsy but can still wear with jeans around town. Wore this climbing in the Arapiles for a week, climbing and sleeping in it. No smell, very comfortable. Little bit of rubbing where harness sat, but didn’t pill and still looks great”.

Angi Kim wearing Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion 160 short sleeve top
Angi Kym rock climbing at Mount Araphiles wearing Wilderness Wear
Angi Kim wearing our Merino Fusion short sleeve top at Mount Araphiles

Shareen Underwood

“I’m so pleased I found your page on Insta & it feels great having some completely Australian owned and made items. The delivery couldn’t have come at a better time either with the cold arriving and me needing to buy new socks. MerinoFusion short sleeve tee will be a favourite, particularly during the colder months. Opening the box you instantly notice the quality and the fabric is so soft. I liked the cut and how it sat when I wore it, the additional length is appreciated too. I’ve worn it on several runs and it kept me dry & toasty”.

Shareen Underwood wearing merino fusion short sleeve top
Merino Fusion trail running top worn by Shareen Underwood
Close up of Merino Fusion 160 short sleeve top

Tom Dunn

“I was asked to test out the Wilderness Wear MerinoFusion 160 Light SS Tee… so today I drove to the Grampians and ran up a mountain! Any excuse to explore.
Big tick of approval from me!”

Tom Dunn wearing our Merino Fusion 160 short sleeve top in rainforest green colour
Tom Dunn trail running in the Grampians National Park
Tom Dunn wearing our merino fusion top, compression thermals and merino socks

Angi Kim

“Love the Fusion Shiraz colour… it is fantastic!
Wore this all through winter climbing in Sydney and the Blue Mountains and it was a great layer that kept me warm without restricting movement. After one particularly long day multi-pitch climbing, I literally took it off and lent it to a friend to wear the next day (she hadn’t bought enough warm clothes). Was a bit worried it would be all sweaty and gross, but she said there was zero smell and still felt clean. Awesome!”

Angi Kim wearing our merino fusion 160 thermal top whilst rock climbing
Angi Kim wearing Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion Short Sleeve
Wilderness Wear Merino Fusion top in red earth colour