A life spent outdoors. And indoors. (But always dreaming of outdoors.)

As a youngster Phil Endersbee spent plenty of time in sailing boats with his mate Roger Hickman sailing dinghies and yachts in and out of Hobart – sometimes venturing further than their respective parents might have liked (or known). It was a friendship that would eventually see them together sail a number of Sydney To Hobart races, winning the handicap race in 2014 after some near victories in previous years. And yes, the crew were wearing Wilderness Wear kit through the race!

In business, Phil spent his formative years with Australia’s Pacific Dunlop company working with various fashion and linen brands including Holeproof and Sheridan. From there he took his ambition to ‘make things’ and ventured further into the world of Australian manufacturing with the purchase of an established Tasmanian hosiery company. And so Wilderness Wear was born. Phil champions a number of causes, in and outside of the worlds of sailing and Wilderness Wear. Australian manufacturing ranks high in his interests, often taking the role of spokesman antagonist with the media when ill-thought decisions from the industry need to be taken to public or political attention. And then there is his long-standing involvement with Rotary Australian, where recently he involved himself with an important community housing project realised in central Melbourne. And to cap his commitment to the outdoor clothing world, Phil is also President of the Snow and Outdoor Trade Association (SOTA) responsible for the annual ORA show in Sydney each year. Time spent travelling, for business or pleasure, with family and friends, rounds out a busy schedule for Phil – but with plenty of time spent overseas each year, Australia remains his place to be – especially when that place is near Melbourne and there’s a decent breeze forecast.