Lisa Rennie

Lisa Rennie is an adventurer and philanthropist. She runs The SCOOP Foundation which is a non-profit organisation based in Perth that fundraises to support street kids who attend a school run by Basic Human Needs in Varanasi, India. “Footsteps to India” is their inaugural experience to India beginning in 2019 which involves 3 days of hiking with students, then visits to Darjeeling and their school in Varanasi. The experience is the first international event organised by SCOOP Australia & will be run annually.

“Our mission is to inspire for impact. We want to inspire kids in India to reach for the stars by supporting their education which provides them the tools to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families and communities. We also want to inspire YOU! Whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America or North America, we want to bring you experiences and stories that inspire you to overcome a challenge, grow and realise a goal. To inspire means to influence someone, to spark an inner strength that gives them the confidence to do something, to create impact”.

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