Atmosphere Socks

Close up of Atmosphere Sock & Profilen® yarnClose up of Atmosphere Sock & Profilen® yarn

Wilderness Wear’s Atmosphere socks are the ultimate Trail Racer socks. We have effectively combined the moisture management benefits of Climayarn, with the low coefficient-of-friction PTFE fibre Profilen® thus providing for the design of an effective blister-preventing sock. Suitable for recreational runners through to ultra distance runners or athletes just prone to getting blisters.

Men's Atmosphere Australian Made Trail Running Socks
Men's Atmosphere Trail Running Sock by Wilderness Wear
Glow in the dark trail running sock by Wilderness Wear

Superfine Merino
Everyone loves this. The whole Merino wool story is fabulous, and the Wilderness Wear Merino wool story is even more fabulous because the stock is sourced from Tasmania, home to the best premium wool growing conditions in the world.

Profilen®…so what is it?
Profilen® is PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) It has an extremely low friction coefficient. Profilen® yarns decrease friction to reduce the formation of blisters and abrasions and give the feet complete wellness even after the most intense challenges!

And how does it prevent blisters?
It is well known that moisture on the skin increases friction, torque and shearing forces by increasing the adhesion of the skin to the sock. This increased coefficient-of-friction transfers mechanical stress from the sock to the deeper layers of the skin where a separation of skin layers may result in the formation of blisters.

Glow In the Dark
Glow yarn automatically glows in the dark after absorbing sunlight for 3 minutes or luminous light for 10 minutes. One hour of sunlight exposure enables luminous glow yarn to emit light for up to 3 hours continuously. The light absorbing process of ‘absorbing-emitting-storing-emitting’ of glow yarn can be repeated infinitely. Glow yarn luminescent material is non-toxic, harmless and free from any harmful substances.

Glow yarn enables a high degree of luminosity, excellent resistance against weather and light as well as stability against both water and other chemicals.

Australian Made Wilderness Wear have been supporters and advocates of the Australian Made movement since machines first started spinning on the factory floors back in 1989. Every item in the Wilderness Wear product line-up is made in the company’s own premises by its own people.

And remember … Wilderness Wear is 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian made – we reckon that’s 200% Australian!