Bamboo Multi Sport has evolved to version 3.0

Dedicated players in the outdoors world, especially day-hikers, were quick to recognise bamboo as a new-generation clothing fiber with positive functionality properties and serious ecological credentials that make it great (for users) and great (for the planet).

When we say ‘bamboo’ we actually mean ‘bamboo grass’, which is a fiber made from cultivated bamboo pulp that has been spun into viscose form. On the plus side of manufacture is the quality of bamboo to grow quickly and without the need for pesticides, growth enhancers (chemical fertilisers) or irrigation – it just naturally does its own thing!

On the performance side of things, bamboo is a treat because it is naturally UV resistant, hard wearing (two times better than wool), maintains shape and is organically anti-bacterial. Significantly, its cellular structure makes it absorbent and creates a strong wicking effect to aid evaporation while providing temperature modulation for hot and cold climates – air is simultaneously trapped for warming effects and made to breathe for cooling. All over, the design cut and material make-up of this sock categorises it for three-season application.

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Wilderness Wear has been putting bamboo through its Q-Lab in recent years, experimenting and developing garments that suit the fit of form and function, along with then targeting of all-important environmental requirements. To date there have been casual socks with 90% bamboo content as well as some high-end athletic socks constructed 45/45 with Celliant®, along with some other test designs in thermal and midlayer categories. And now we have Bamboo Multi Sport, an athletic cut and weighted 90% bamboo fiber sock made in the template of Wilderness Wear’s highly successful Merino sock, Multi Sport.

Bamboo Multi Sport socks are presented in a smart hooped pattern and a range of colour ways – from demure to, well, loud! And once in the sports and activities kit, these items can be used equally for hiking, running, cycling and the like – anything that includes a bit of exertion, really!

For details about important design and manufacture specifications, head to the info tabs on the product page.

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