Merino Wool Cycling Socks & Jersey’s

Made in Melbourne

Whether you prefer off road single track or long ribbons of asphalt, the longer a ride lasts the more important comfortable cycling apparel and socks become. Both our MerinoFusion jerseys & Velo merino cycling sock ranges are designed to help you go far and feel awesome. Plus our ‘Glow in the dark’ Velo socks add an important safety element on those early morning or nightly commutes.

And biking isn’t only meant for the warmer months. As the temps start to drop, pull on our Merino wool accessories that are made for those days spent grinding it out on the road. Our lightweight beanies are perfect for wearing under your helmet for added warmth, while our neck gaiters help to take the bite out of that headwind your fighting. No matter the weather, grab the accessories that will help keep you on your bike all year long.