Jonny Reed

Jonny Reed is an Australian trail runner and adventurer who is currently living in Tokyo. A former elite junior basketballer, Jonny is currently “training for some bikepacking/ trail running adventures. Riding anywhere between 150-300km & summiting some of Japans most famous mountains; such as Kinpu San (2599m), Yatsugatake (2899m), Okuhotaka (3190m), Kitadake (3193m).

His most dangerous moment on the trails happened when “My mate and I went for what was supposed to be a pretty cruisey 5hr, 35km trail run up and over Tokyos highest mountain, Mt Kumatori (2017m). It turned into an 11hr snow slog finishing in a blizzard in the pitch black with only one headlight between us. The fact we both survived largely unhurt was somewhat of a miracle.”

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