MerinoFusion 160

The lighter weight version of a new material standard

Close up of Mefu 160

Wilderness Wear was on the leading edge of hybrid material development in the mid-2K teen years when it developed and produced MerinoFusion, an industry first knitted material using high-end polypropylene and premium Australian-grown Merino wool. The two fibers were knitted, not fused, into a proprietary new material, and this re-wrote a whole category in the book of baselayer thinking. Then we described it as ‘the best of both worlds’ for its ability to draw on the practical strengths of both these yarn inputs. And now we have brought the same thinking that derived the original 190gsm material across to r

Everyone loves this.
The whole Merino wool story is fabulous, and the Wilderness Wear Merino wool story is even more fabulous because the stock is sourced from Tasmania, home to the best premium wool growing conditions in the world.

People used to love this. Then they didn’t. And now they will again.
True polypropylene is difficult to understand, mostly because there have been cheap polyester imitations sliding into the market unbeknown to many wearers – and the poor performance of this inferior material has been a spoiler for the real deal. And this deal is remarkable for its comfort, wear, shape, moisture control and thermal properties. Now, fused with Merino, it has become a new force for those in the outdoor technical clothing scene.

Polypropylene – the real stuff, not the polyester – is ultra light and has a specific (scientific) weight of less than 1.0. This adds up to water repulsion and what is known as ‘wicking’. The knit construction of both MerinoFusion weights, 160 and 190gsm, is such that it accelerates the process, to what we describe for #MeFu products as a ‘super-wick’ effect.

So, when moisture is wicked, where does it go? A hexagonal knit construction in MerinoFusion 160 diffuses the ‘super-wicked’ moisture across the outer fabric surface for rapid evaporation – it’s the optimum cell structure for expulsion of perspiration.

Yes, people have always loved wool for outdoor technical clothing, because it maintains thermal performance when wet. Soaking wet, even. It is also, however, slow to dry, so hiking socks left overnight to dry by a campsite do not. Polypropylene is the opposite in that it almost can’t get wet, at least not to within its molecular structure, so it dries in a flash. Therefore the hybrid nature of MerinoFusion gives a shared credential here – it dries a good deal faster than regular wool.

EXP stands for ‘EX-Pollution’, or the avoidance of pollutants during the anti-felting treatment process. EXP is a revolutionary new process from the Schoeller that enables the wool to remain machine-washable without the use of chlorine. Schoeller has set a benchmark with this innovation and once again proven its commitment to ecological sustainability.

Bluesign® is a standard for environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles, covering manufacturing processes from the perspective of raw materials and energy inputs through to water and air emissions outputs based on ecotoxicological impacts. Bluesign® assesses audit findings and determines ways to reduce consumption while recommending alternatives to any harmful chemicals or processes where applicable. Wilderness Wear supplier, Schoeller, is a certified ‘System Partner’ of Bluesign®.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a globally standardised, independent mark of quality for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products from all stages of production and for accessory materials involved in their manufacture. This global certification system assures consumers around the world that certified products meet strict limit values for harmful substances of Standard 100.

Wilderness Wear have been supporters and advocates of the Australian Made movement since machines first started spinning on the factory floors back in 1989. Every item in the Wilderness Wear product line-up is made in the company’s own premises by its own people.

And remember … Wilderness Wear is 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian made – we reckon that’s 200% Australian!