We started with a material that can work anywhere on Earth.
To build a hoodie that can work anywhere on Earth you need to start with an exceptional material. We build our fabric from scratch in Australia, knitting two of the softest substances in the world together to build a new material. The synthesis of ultra-fine Australian Merino and super-fine polypropylene. Together they create a single material that will keep you warm and dry in the coldest of climates and stretch with you in any direction. MerinoFusion can be worn anywhere for almost anything. Which means the MeFu Switch Hoodie adapts to life in the city as easily as it thrives in the mountains. Lightweight and breathable, you can wear it with the hood and collar down like a regular lightweight hoodie. But you’ll know you can still be ready for somewhere a little more hostile in a second.

The hood and collar can be worn in 4 ways
The MeFu Switch Hoodie is engineered to work in the same way as the super fine Merino it’s made from – it lets you adapt at high speed to your surroundings. Whether you’re in the mountains, the desert, or the city, there are times when you’ll need to protect your face and head from the heat, the cold and the weather. So we built an integrated hood and collar that can be worn in four configurations and be switched rapidly from one to the other. The collar and hood are built so that they can operate entirely independently – this means you can wear them both up, both down, or just one up. On the slopes or in the mountains you’ll probably want the full balaclava effect, with both the hood and collar up. Together they’ll just leave your eyes exposed and enough space for goggles.

MerinoFusion keeps you warm in the cold
Staying warm is all about trapping as many pockets of air next to your body as possible and that’s what MerinoFusion is built for. Every Merino fibre is hollow which means you’ll automatically have millions of air pockets trapped next to your skin. And as the natural curl of wool fibres traps more air than straight fibres, the microscopic texture of the MerinoFusion fabric itself will also retain heat.

The hoodie’s engineering comes into its own in cold terrain. It’s so soft, stretchy and high wicking that you can wear it as your first layer to prevent the build-up of sweat that can rapidly chill you. It can also be worn as part of a layering system under your jacket on the slopes. Or if you’re looking to go fast and light, you can wear it on its own. The hood and collar will work together like a balaclava to keep you warm when the weather changes.

Fast drying and insulating even when wet
The outside of every Merino fibre is covered in a natural wax coating which makes it water repellent when you’re outside. At the same time the fused Merino and Polypropylene act like a sponge to soak up sweat and spread it over a massive surface area so that it evaporates at high speed. And as Merino can absorb over 30% of its own weight in water you’ll stay warm and insulated.

There’s almost nothing it can’t cope with
Both the Merino and the Polypropylene fibres are highly elastic which means the MeFu Switch Hoodie will stretch with you whatever you’re doing. It can also be pulled with a lot of sudden force without breaking and still return to its original shape. As it is lightweight and breathable you’ll find there’s almost nothing you can’t use the hoodie for throughout the year – from snowboarding and skiing to running and climbing. It holds its warmth and dries quickly.

And remember … Wilderness Wear is 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian made – we reckon that’s 200% Australian!