Tasmanian Wool

The Best Merino Wool on Earth 

Our wool has its origins at the heart of a natural paradise. Where the air is at its purest, the food rich, and the climate moderate – this is where the best merino wool in the world can be found. Surrounded by thousands of kilometers of water, far away from industrial sites, the best air quality on earth can be verifiably measured in Tasmania. The western part of the island is almost inaccessible, characterized by peaks covered in snow until the early summer (the highest mountain is Mount Ossa at 5,304ft), while the eastern part looks more like a green plateau – and it is precisely here that our merino sheep live in incomparable seclusion.

The Pure Australian Merino wool we make our products has many advantages over synthetic fabrics with wool being a true, natural, miracle fibre. The Merino sheep from which we source our wool are bred and nurtured in the Western District of Victoria and the cooler regions of Tasmania. This wool comes from sheep of special breeding and selection. Extremely thin fibres with low micron counts and long staple fibre lengths are used to ensure unsurpassed comfort when used as a next to skin layer.

Tasmania is home to the best-quality wool in the world. Merino sheep have been bred in Tasmania for nearly 200 years. The sheep’s living conditions & the air quaility have a lot to do with the top-quality wool. The animals can roam almost free and consume natural sources of food, such as pasture grass, which is especially high in protein. The climate is moderate, since the winters are not particularly cold, and extreme heat is just as rare. These factors lead to uniform fiber growth – and uniform is synonymous with stable here. Tasmanian shepherds recognize the importance of their animals, and in 180 years they have learned to handle them in a way that is appropriate to the species, characterized by sustainable farming and responsible action.