Womens Casual Socks

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Womens Merino & Merino Fleece Casual Sock Range

With a manufacturing legacy dating back to 1989, Wilderness Wear has been crafting socks in Melbourne for over 30 years. Our extensive experience ensures that we excel in producing high-quality socks built to endure. While our reputation may be rooted in hiking socks, our expertise extends beyond the trails. We also offer a diverse range of industrial-specific merino wool socks tailored to meet the demands of Australia’s workforce. Additionally, we take pride in our casual line of merino wool socks, offering comfort and durability for everyday wear.

Put your feet in heaven

Experience bliss from the moment you slide your feet into our renowned Merino Fleece Socks. Made from merino wool, these socks provide unparalleled comfort as they envelop your feet and lower legs. Featuring high-density, heavy terry cushioning, they are specifically designed to reduce fatigue during extended periods of wear. The natural wicking and anti-odor properties of Tasmanian merino wool yarn keep your feet comfortable and your friends’ noses happy. With reinforced seams and durable construction, these socks are built to last, ensuring you’ll enjoy them year after year.

Nothing beats Tasmanian Merino wool

Discover the unparalleled quality of Tasmanian Merino wool with our Merino Fleece sock collection. Sourced exclusively from Tasmania, every inch of merino wool in our socks embodies premium craftsmanship and durability. What sets our merino wool apart is not just its exceptional quality, but also its ethical and ecological integrity. We hold our farmers to the highest standards, dedicating a significant portion of their efforts to sustainable farm management and prioritizing animal welfare. Choose our Merino Fleece socks for comfort, durability, and a commitment to ethical and eco-conscious practices.